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Travel Trade Gazette

Amex GBT not ruling out further acquisitions as it goes 'local' with new booking tool concept

American Express Global Business Travel (Amex GBT) is not ruling out further acquisitions as it prepares to launch a new booking concept, designed to attract smaller customers.

Cassie Hayes accused admits 'unlawful killing'

Andrew Burke appeared at Liverpool Crown Court via video link

Finnair’s growth ambitions

Santa and his reindeers may be taking their post-Christmas rest up in Finnish Lapland, but the tourists keep on coming to this part of the world. Gary Noakes reports



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Huffington Post

Wild Brawls Turn Carnival Ship Into 'Cruise From Hell'

Twenty-three passengers were removed for "disruptive and violent acts.”

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National Geographics

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European Travel - What's Hot?!

A Boomers Travels

South of the Boarder

If you are from or near the east coast and traveled south of the Mason-Dixon line or headed north from Georgia you will likely have seen signs for “South of the Border.”  I remember stopping there with my parents on…

What Good is Cold Weather in Florida? Manatee Watching

We visited the Manatee viewing area in Apollo Beach, FL the last week in December.  There were some manatee spotted about two hundred yards from the boardwalk.  The weather was still warm then, in the 70’s. With the national cold…

What’s in Your Back Yard?

My wife and I have been fortunate to live in a resort retirement community.  Every day we walk our dog two to four miles in the neighborhood and see different flora and fauna.  Here are some of the things that…

For Whom the Bell Tolls

The University of Illinois has had a bell tower with 15 bells since 1920.  It is part of Altgeld Hall on the north west corner of the central quad.  The chimes weigh over seven and a half tons with the…

Return from Irma

After escaping Irma and returning home, it was heartwarming to see how the government (federal, state, and local) and private enterprise worked together to prepare for and clean up after Irma.  It was also rewarding to see people behave themselves…


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